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Hello. I am the one in the pink jacket.

Professionally: I am in my last year at Michigan State. After this year, I will have completed my BA in history education with a minor in mathematics and a RX endorsement. I have some teaching experience including teaching English as a second language in China through public and private schools as well as tutoring. I also have had some experience in both public and alternative schools in my placements. My life term goals for the future is to constantly improve upon my teaching, ethics, behavior, and thoughts. I find that history helps me relate to and understand people. I also want to help carry out a more thorough and inclusive American and world history.

Personally: I am a Michigander, but also lived in China for four years sporadically. I like to read the kind of non-fiction that is historical or teaching related. I love to attend heavy metal concerts and have adventures with my friends.

“If I could live in any time period other than today, I would pick…” Today. Time traveling is a risky adventure for some of us.

“When you change yourself, you change the world.” – Gojira from Silvera

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