Adapting a Lesson for ELL Students

Using the French Revolution Power Point as an guide, my first step is to use pictures to answer the guiding question of what were the main causes of the French Revolution?

Using pictures like these:

Third Estate (Everyone else):french-third-estate


Second Estate (Nobility):


First Estate (Clergy):


Along with these two images:



Students can make inferences from the images and compare and contrast them in a think, pair, and share way. The objective reached here would be that students would be able to define the three estates and answer the first guiding question of what were the main causes of the French Revolution which was severe economic inequality that resulted in starving:


Which was due to an unequal tax burden (see The Three Estates in Pre-Revolutionary France image)

Which those taxes were the results of both the 7 Years War


and the American Revolution


And people were questioning on whether or not it was better to be ruled by a king


or form a Republic


due to the Enlightenment

These images would be labeled and accessible to students through packets. Especially since they need to see some of the images side by side in order to compare. Students will think, pair, share on each image or set of images. Students should be taking their own notes from what they discussed with their partner about said image or what we discuss as a class. Each image or set of image should take no more than 5 mins. Either 2 to 3 minutes for pair discussion and either 2 to 3 minutes for class sharing. The objectives reached that students will be able to define the following words: all three French estates, the Enlightenment, American Revolution, 7 Years War, unequal tax burden, starving, king, republic, and economic inequality. They will also be able to identify the main causes of the French Revolution which was due to the economic inequality between the three estates due to the unequal tax burden put on the third estate from France’s debt from both the 7 years war and American revolution. This unequal tax burden caused hardship on the third estate including starvation. People were also questioning the rule of kings over the rule of republics due to the ideas spread from the Enlightenment. This is at least a 45 minute, but more like 55 minute lesson plan. We would use the exact same strategy to go through the revolution up to Napoleon’s rise in power, and its main events defining the following terms/ events: Estates General, National Assembly of France, Tennis Court Oath, French Constitution, Storm the Bastille, The Declarations on the Rights of Man, Womens March on Versailles, Declaration of Pillnits, The Jacobians, Robspierre, Committee of Public Safety, Military draft,  and Napoleon Bonaparte. These terms and their corresponding images would also be on a packet available to the students to take notes on. The guiding question then would be what was the impact of the French Revolution and were the previous problems solved? This strategy give students the opportunity to practice English with their partners and through the inferences of pictures, they can define the terms. This is a 3 day lesson, which I don’t mind taking up so much time since it is a huge event that can be used to support learning about other revolutions under the umbrella theme of Revolution and human rights (As stated in the various constitutions of other countries). As an assessment, I would want students to be able to define the terms in their own words (notes they took in class on there packets should help them), put the events on a timeline, and answer the following questions:

What were the causes of the French Revolution?

What was the impact of the French Revolution? Did it solve the problems it set out to solve?

Hopefully, there will be sometime in the third day for students to work on their assessments in class. I know that the second part of the lesson will at least take a day and half. However, if I feel that my students need it, I would extend the lesson to 4 days so that students can work on the assessments in class and be able to get help from their peers and individual help from myself.


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