Personality Test

My DISC Personality type:

“You are socially oriented. You have a strong self-motivation to get to know people in all walks of life and to nurture those relationships. You have a natural enthusiasm for all types of ideas and projects – your own and other people’s. People are likely to describe you as gregarious, persuasive and optimistic.”

 Influence: 46%

Dominance: 28%

Steadiness: 21%

Compliance: 5%

 My Personality Results:

Openness to Experience: 76% Imaginative • open-minded • experimental

Conscientiousness (Work Ethic): 10% Spontaneous • disorganized • prefers flexible plans

Extraversion: 47% Reserved • formal • serious • quiet and Outgoing • friendly • assertive • likes working with others
Agreeableness: 60% Hard-headed • skeptical • competitive • proud and Compassionate • eager to please • good natured
Natural reactions: 39% Not easily upset in stressful situations • relaxed and Experiences negative emotional reactions and feelings of anxiety • prone to worry

I agree with the personality tests at this time. I think my influence will make me a strong teacher in the regard of giving my students agency as well as challenging them at the same time. However, my low scores in compliance and conscientiousness spell trouble. The low score in compliance doesn’t surprise me since I always take the risk and do what I am going to do, consequences be damned. I first have to agree with the rules to follow them. If I don’t agree, then it is a no go. However, sometimes I fail to appreciate the merits of a rule until later. A rule that I have been previously breaking. Also, my lack of work ethic or conscientiousness also spells trouble in that I may get behind on grading or get overwhelmed much quicker with teaching. These are two traits I will work on with more priority giving to conscientiousness.

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