Discussion questions for Night by Elie Wiesel

1.) What do you think Moishe the beadle meant when he told Elie “that every question possessed a power that was lost in the answer…?”

2.) Based on Elie’s account, there is at the very least some evidence that the German people were aware of what was going on in the concentration camps, (watching the marches from their windows and they could have seen and smell the same smoke and fire coming from the chimneys) yet they did nothing. Were they in power to do something? Should they have done something regardless? What could they have done?

3.) There were many reasons that the Jews of Sighet thought they were safe (the USSR army was getting closer, it was ridiculous to think that people would be that inhumane in the 20th century, the German soldiers that occupied and lodged in their house were not unpleasant to them, etc. Were there any signs that could be deadly omens in Elie’s story?  Is there a way to predict such atrocities, such as the Holocaust,  before it occurs?

4.) Elie struggled to keep his love for God during and after the Holocaust. The question he struggled with was how could a loving God allow such atrocities to happen? What are your thoughts to such a question?

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