Middle East Country: Qatar

Capital: Doha

Physical Geographymiddle-east-map

Government & Economy:

  • Largest sector of the economy is oil and gas.
  • GDP per capita (Average income): $129,700. (#1 in the world)
  • Absolute Monarchy
  • Mixed system of civil and Islamic law

People & Society:

  • Population (25-54 years old): 1,321,973 M & 269,072 F.
  • Religion: Muslim (77.5%), Christian (8.5%), and other such as Hindu (14%).
  • Urbanization: 99.2%.
  • Ethnic Groups: Arab (40%), Indian (18%), Pakistani (18%), Iranian (10%), and other (14%).


Has Wealth Made Qatar Happy? (BBC News):

  • “We have become urban. Our social and economic life has changed – families have become separated, consumption culture has taken over.“ – Dr Kaltham Al Ghanim, a sociology professor at Qatar University
  • Qataris get free education, electricity, job guarantees, grants for housing, water, and healthcare.
  • Qatari society is defined by class, which is often linked to race. It is desperately unequal.

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