My Personality Test Results

  1. What personality type are you? Describe what that means (in a paragraph or two).

I have “the mediator” or INFP-A personality. Mediators are very individualistic people whose actions are guided by their ideals. They tend to put other people’s interests above their own, which can lead to them to burn out. They are also very creative and deep thinkers.

  1. What professional advantages does your personality type have for being a social studies teacher?

Mediators make good teachers in general because they are very passionate people and will work hard for their students. A mediator’s deep thinking skills will also be good for coming up with essential questions in the social studies curriculum. Mediators also have an advantage when it comes to language, which can allow them to provide good illustrations for social studies concepts. Mediators are also more egalitarian, which would make for a good democratic classroom as long as the mediator can instill discipline when needed to. Furthermore, they have very strong morals that they will keep their students accountable to. Lastly, the teaching profession is perfect for mediators who love to help people grow and learn.

  1. What professional disadvantages does your personality type have for being a social studies teacher?

Mediators hate teamwork, bureaucracy, and are easy to get burn out when they neglect themselves because they are putting the needs of everyone else above theirs. They are also easily stressed in high stress and very busy work environments. They also take criticism much too personally. They also tend to avoid conflict, which makes it tougher for mediators to instill discipline.

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